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Job Title: Technical Support Assistant (TSA433465)


Location: Athens, Georgia


Schedule: Full-time


Salaried: Industry competitive plus experience and proven track record of success.


Benefits: Health and Dental Insurance, 401(k), Seven (7) days paid vacation annually, Three (3) days paid sick leave annually.


Job Description: The Technical Assistant is responsible for monitoring the daily renders and developing tools for render support in python. Monitors renders to insure successful and efficient shot completion; Develops tools for render support in python; Learns the ILM computer graphics pipeline; Monitors nightly renders in order to catch errors and visual problems; Responsible for reporting issues to the digital artists and work to find a solution; Works to ensure full resource utilization; Manipulates priorities to ensure that renders are completing by next business day; Reports any machine problems or general issues that hinder the completion of renders to the appropriate Department; Maintains and updates Department software; Works closely with our Production Software team to ensure that code is clean and well maintained.


Requirements: Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science (or equivalent degree) from an accredited academic institution and six plus (6+) years of progressive experience in a technical support environment; Proven ability and experience working well on teams; Aesthetic eye and/or artistic background highly desired; Certification, proven knowledge of and experience with Microsoft and UNIX/Linux operating systems; Strong scripting language (i.e. Python, Perl) and programming language (i.e. C/C++, Java), certification is a must. Knowledge of, and experience with, 3D modeling/animation software (i.e. Maya) highly desired. Database knowledge preferred (i.e. Oracle, Microsoft SQL). Familiarity with film and video postproduction and/or computer graphics techniques highly desired. Excellent verbal and written communication skills required; Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to effectively interact with diverse personalities; Strong time management skills; Ability to multi-task and prioritize; Proven ability to work autonomously and in team settings; Highly motivated; and Career focus for the visual effects industry.


Security: Background Check, Confidentiality Agreement, Hold Harmless Agreement


Apply: To apply for this position, submit your resume using the form below in the following chronological format: Objective, Experience, Education, References

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