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The Precise and Impartial approach to INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS!


1. What type(s) of video production does DigiPRO Media Group specialize in?

While we’ve scripted and produced almost any kind of program you can imagine, we do bring special skills to a number of video production areas. We feature an on-staff writer/director with a background in the specific industry and an effective communication skill. We also shoot at every level in every type of corporate environment and we’ve interviewed everyone from CEOs and Presidents of Fortune 500 companies to five-year-old children. Furthermore, DigiPRO Media Group has shot in submarines and on battleships, in pharmaceutical and microprocessor plants, in forests and calcium carbonate mines, and the sandy beaches of the South Africa. We’ve conceived and produced local, regional, nationally and internationally broadcast TV spots, web videos and programs on DVD for direct mail. We’re happy to bring a client’s creative vision to life; whatever the special interest, we bring its passion to the screen.


2. What video formats do you use?


The final product can be delivered in whatever format you need. We typically encode your video using Adobe’s Premier PRO Studio or Apple’s Final Cut Studio because the most common formats are QuickTime MOV files and Flash FLV files. We may also format the video as a .mov or .wmv file. If you need a different format, please let us know. DigiPRO Media Group has years of experience shooting most High Definition and Standard Definition formats including XDCam, DVCPro 25, DVCPro50, DVCPro100, BetacamSP, DVCAM, MiniDV, 1080i, 1080p, 720p, 480i, 480p, 24p, 30p 60i, PAL, NTSC… the list goes on. We record on tape and digital media such as P2 cards.


3. Can the clients be involved in the editing process?

We always welcome the client to have a direct input in the editing process. Normally, once we compile all of the raw footage to be used, we will finish the project first to our liking and provide it to you for your review to watch and make comments. With this first cut the client can watch and write down the time-code for anything they like and dislike helping determine the general outline of the video. This approach can be a very rewarding and detailed way for the client to guarantee his or her specific vision while allowing our talented editors to do what they do best.


4. Can I get a copy of my video?


Yes! DigiPRO Media Group will provide you with copies of your video at no cost. These professional quality duplications can include a label with your company’s logo.


5. What if I want professional talent in my program?

Voiceover and on-camera talent is not a problem! We work with casting directors and talent from across the region and, when appropriate, around the country. Because we work in the busiest hub in the southeast, accessing talent is convenient and affordable. We can also access celebrity talent for your production and help negotiate favorable rates on your behalf. DigiPRO Media Group also has a database of actors and actresses that we have worked with and we will show you potential options for your project and let you make the final decision. You are always welcomed to provide your own talent.


6. What services do you offer to independent producers?

In addition to our studio, we provide a variety of support services including camera operator, director of photography, teleprompter and operator, makeup artist, grips and gaffers. Independent producers have also called upon us for camera cranes, dollies, and other interesting ways of moving the camera.


7. Can I rent your studio and use my own crew and equipment?

No. While we can provide you with all of your video crew and equipment needs, you’re not welcome to bring your own. Our state-of-the-art studio comes with a full lighting and grip package so you’ll want to take advantage of that. If you need Teleprompters, a jib or dolly, or a large soft-cyc green screen, the equipment is available.


8. Can we shoot with audio in your studio? Is your studio a soundstage?

Yes, in fact, all shooting in our studio includes audio recording using both wireless and wired microphones. We feature film-quality, boom microphones including Schoeps, and lavaliere microphones including Tram and Milimikes.


9. Do I need to provide a script or do you write them?

DigiPRO Media Group can write scripts for your project, but it is always best if it is a collaborative effort. The client should have a general idea what they want to show, but we can help fine tune these ideas into a complete script that is ready to be produced. Your scripts are always welcomed for production.


10. Can I be in my own video?


Absolutely! DigiPRO Media Group can schedule your video shoot at our studio or a location of your choice. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.


11. What’s the videotaping process?


First, DigiPRO Media Group will contact you to schedule your videotaping session and discuss with you the videotaping process. We will then select a suitable location to begin production. You will tape a brief introduction, which will take approximately 10 minutes to record to identify the project. The next step will be to read your bullet-points / script for the video voice-over. You will not be on camera for this part of the recording process. Recording this portion should only take about 5 minutes. Our Video Production Specialist will spend the next 20 to 45 minutes recording your product or place of business based on the content of your voice-over. If you have a disc with photos, graphics or your company logo, you will provide it to us at this time so that we may begin the full editing process.


12. How long does it take to receive the final product?

This varies greatly depending on the type of project and the length. It also depends on how busy we are during that time. DigiPRO Media Group will make every effort to complete projects as soon as possible; keeping you informed every step of the process. It really depends on the complexity and size of the project.

13. Can I use my logo in my video?


Yes. Please provide your logo in the highest quality using one of the following file extensions: .jpeg, .gif, .pdf, .tiff, .png and .eps.


14. Can I use company products and services, and photos in my video?


Yes! In fact, it’s a great idea to use the same photos you utilize in your marketing materials to create brand consistency and image recall.


15. How should I prepare for the videotaping?


We will prepare and email you a professional script based on the questionnaire that you complete. You will then approve or revise the script. Once a final script is approved, you will review carefully to become comfortable with it prior to the shoot. We must have an approved script before your scheduled shoot date.


16. Can I change my video at a later date?


Of course! Once you have approved the video, you can come back and make revisions to your video any time. Appropriate fees will apply.

17. What is the production process like? How much work do I have to do?


DigiPRO Media Group can handle everything from script writing assistance to model selection/suggestions to direction. We even handle all the technology aspects of getting your video produced.

18. Can DigiPRO Media Group work at multiple locations?


We certainly can. But, our package prices include shooting at only one location. Additional locations may be added for an additional fee per location with current mileage rates also applied.


19. What’s the process after the video is shot?


Video Production Specialist normally edit the footage, voice-over and any optional graphics and photos you have provided to create the dynamic video message that you’re aiming for. Once the video is edited we will send you the video file for your approval.


20. Can I get a video project done cheaper?


Of course, you can always find anything cheaper. But, as the old adage says, “you get what you pay for.” The average web video should cost between $1800 and $2500. A full-feature video (movie) will certainly demand a higher quote. If you get a quote substantially lower for a web video, there is certainly a reason for that too! Here are some things to consider when finding a company to produce your web video:


  • Experience & professionalism of the video team

  • Quality of video equipment

  • Do they bring lighting to the shoot? (They should!)

  • The quality of their sample work


If you did not see your question above contact us for more answers!

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