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The Precise and Impartial approach to INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS!


1. What makes DigiPRO Media Group different from other advertising, marketing and promotion agencies or companies?


Most advertising, marketing and promotion agencies or companies are aggregators of display-only inventory (the lowest-converting channel), which they sell on a CPM basis. DigiPRO Media Group offers distribution across a variety of online channels, at no cost. Our company is your turnkey solution specifically geared to customer acquisition through direct response. In other words, you get a much higher volume of results, with little effort required on your part, and the freedom to stop anytime. Versus other CPA advertising and marketing networks, DigiPRO Media Group imposes a higher level of restriction on both advertisers and publishers to assure full traffic quality. In addition, we operate an exclusive, invitation-only network that restricts the number of active publishers to those who have proven themselves over time as delivering high volume and high quality and operating high professional standards. Fewer, higher-volume publishers also allow us to provide more in-depth monitoring of the activities of each.


2. What is CPA?


CPA is a performance-based advertising pricing model; CPA stands for Cost-Per-Action or Cost-Per-Acquisition. Under the CPA model, advertisers specify a desired consumer action based on the objectives for a specific CPA advertising campaign; such actions can include making a purchase, filling out a lead form, submitting an email address, or engaging with an online ad. CPA can also mean that a third party network, agency or publisher places media at a cost to itself, and charges the advertiser a set fee (or payout) pre-determined by the advertiser each time a user completes the specified action. Because CPA only charges for results delivered, it provides a means for advertisers to run results-based advertising with no risk and predictable return-on-investment (ROI). CPA allows advertisers to maximize their advertising ROI while eliminating risk on your ad spend.    


3. How does DigiPRO Media Group track campaign performance?


When a consumer clicks on an advertisement placed by DigiPRO Media Group, their browser is sent a “cookie” that identifies them as having responded to that ad placement. DigiPRO Media Group also provides a piece of code called a “tracking pixel” that is inserted into the web page served upon the consumer’s completion of the desired action (usually a confirmation page). When the page loads, that code calls up a 1 pixel X 1 pixel image from our server. When the pixel and cookie match, we credit that conversion as having been driven by us. Cookie-based pixel tracking is the standard for our industry.

DigiPRO Media Group’s new DPMG 4.2 platform, however, increases accuracy of performance tracking by supporting cookie-less in addition to traditional cookie-based tracking. Cookie-less tracking works by capturing and storing a wide range of data associated with each click, so that consumer actions can be recorded and measured even for those consumers who have cookies turned off in their browsers. By offering this “hybrid” tracking approach, DPMG 4.2 provides advertising and marketing campaigns with more accurate data for evaluating performance.


4. What do you mean by “experience design”?


Advertisers and marketers prioritize experiences through delivering communications: TV campaigns (even if they are now virally delivered), print ads (even if they now have an interactive equivalent) and websites (even if they now have social components). We don’t believe these activities, even if they are integrated, can deliver the brand preference and loyalty our clients are ultimately seeking. So we start from a fundamentally different place. We start with a deeper understanding of what the customer wants to feel at key moments in their brand experience and design an experience plan out of those emotions. We then execute that plan using our core competencies in digital design.


5. How does DigiPRO Media Group measure the value of experiences?


All of our experience plans include measurement recommendations so that clients can track and optimize the behaviors that matter most to them, but we have also partnered with a marketing analytics expert to design a proprietary model for clients who want a larger view. Our model can predict the behavior that will result from the various experiences we recommend so we can prioritize them. It can also help us track the success of our program with more granularities; therefore, we can nuance the experience mix to meet specific business goals.


6. Haven’t interactive agencies, event marketers and architects been designing experiences or years?


It’s true that interactive designers consider the user experience within the browser, event marketers design experiences in specific venues and architects build physical experiences. And we partner with these kinds of specialists all the time. But we don’t believe that any one firm has been able to think neutrally about the experiences consumers dream about in all contexts and deliver that as a cohesive strategy that can be executed against as a collaborative group.


7. How do you uncover these insights?


We believe advertisers and marketers miss an opportunity to capitalize on something that is not only universal to the human experience but also a subconscious driver of virtually all our behaviors including our purchase behavior. And that is our goal. We apply both qualitative research and our own proprietary research to align the objectives of various customer segments with the brand experience we are delivering for a client in a way that will ultimately drive the behaviors we are seeking.


8. What is my DigiPRO Media Group Strategic Team?


Your DigiPRO Media Group Strategic Team is managed and led by a highly-trained and dedicated Account Executive. Your Account Executive is in charge of managing your complete customer experience from the moment you partner with DigiPRO Media Group. Your Account Executive perform an in-depth needs analysis to build a team of publishing managers, compliance coordinators and creative strategists and designers to ensure you achieve the best return-on-investment (ROI) possible and enjoy complete satisfaction.


9. Do you still design, install and maintain digital networks?


Yes, designing, installing and maintaining digital networks is still a key offering of the company and one that we are helping to re-imagine with our clients using our experience planning approach. The decision of whether and how to integrate digital technology into the brand experience is a big one, and it involves multiple departments from the client side including marketing, operations and Information Technology (IT). We are adept at working with these constituents on the solution that is right for their brand, their business and most importantly their customer. We consider the entire digital ecosystem of the brand and how the digital network will connect to and support it. DigiPRO Media Group sees digital networks as a critical component to the increasingly digital relationship businesses have with their customers. We help clients who are just starting out in this process as well as those who have already installed a network and are not getting the results they would like.


10. How many potential customers does DigiPRO Media Group reach?


DigiPRO Media Group reaches more than 200 million unique visitors per month domestic and internationally with over 700 million monthly impressions on some of the most coveted and powerful distribution channels on the web.


11. What’s different about your creative approach?


Unlike most advertising and marketing agencies or companies, which are typically staffed with writer/art director teams, our creative teams are made up of designers with varied backgrounds including product design, web design, architectural design, theme park design, application design, set design and technology design who work together to concept experiences that align with the brand and the advertising and marketing objective but are wholly original. DigiPRO Media Group is not trying to reinvent the advertising and marketing model. DigiPRO Media Group builds and installs interactive and innovative solutions at thousands of locations if necessary. Our Account Managers are highly trained in campaign optimization and will work with you to seamlessly integrate distribution channels, media formats and engagements to build the advertising strategy that will maximize return-on-investment (ROI) for each one of your campaigns.


12. Is DigiPRO Media Group a part of an advertising or marketing agency network?


Many of us have worked for agency and marketing holding companies ourselves and understand their inherent limitations and the frustration they create for clients. That’s why we think our independence is important because it enables us to collaborate freely with an expert talent pool to build totally new experiences for clients without the constructs of the past. This “talent without territories” ethos is a part of our culture, and we have designed custom technology platforms to help us execute it with clients. DigiPRO Media Group is not part of a advertising or marketing network.


13. How can DigiPRO Media Group improve my company’s earnings?


Because DigiPRO Media Group targeting is based on users, we design your digital solution to attract visitors from the United States or countries that have a large consumer base. These visitors are targeted more often by advertisers because the placement of your campaign will impact how much you earn. To maximize earnings we place your campaign in as locations as possible at no additional cost. Furthermore, we place advertising and marketing banners in the zones above the fold so the visitor can see the advertisement without having to scroll down the page, and favor the right side of the screen because visitors read from left to right. We never place zones at the footer of a web page because it will reduce earnings. Our zones are also at a reasonable distance apart, never placed right next to each other, and will always be within a distance of site content so they are visible without scrolling. DigiPRO Media Group also uses standard sized zones because they earn more than flexible zones; they receive both banner and text ads. This enters as many ads in the auction as possible, which makes the bidding more competitive and results in higher bids. The flexible format cannot show banner ads, and as a result the bidding is less competitive and the zone will earn less. This creates more competition in the auction and increases bids, and it makes more ads available to help you monetize as many page views as possible. For Inline ads, we make displays in line the paragraph’s content, and exclude any areas that include module’s headers or labels.


14. What’s a Conversion Rate?


The conversion rate of a campaign is a metric, expressed as a percentage, that is used to gauge a campaign’s appeal with consumers and its performance overall. Used the same online as it is used in offline direct response, conversion rate is generally calculated by dividing the number of consumers who click-through to a landing page and complete the specified action of the campaign (and are thus “converted” into a customer) and dividing that number by the total number of consumers who click-through to the landing page. For example, if ten users click on an ad and arrive at a campaign's landing page, but only one user completes the action and makes a purchase, the conversion rate would be 10%.


15. What are Payouts?


Payout refers to the fee advertisers pay and third party publishing partners earn for each successfully concluded consumer action generated by that partner, as reported and verified through DigiPRO Media Group’s proprietary tracking system, and reconciled with our advertisers’ tracking.

16. Does DigiPRO Media Group charge set-up or maintenance fees?


No, DigiPRO Media Group does not charge set-up or maintenance fees of any kind for advertising and marketing campaigns; therefore, there is no minimum or maximum to spend. You only pay for the initial administrative fees and the monthly hosting associated with your website.


17. How long will it take to see conversions once my advertising and marketing campaign is live in the network?


Conversions vary depending on the dynamics of each campaign. Most campaigns take anywhere from a couple of weeks to a month to start building up traction. However, it is not uncommon to see same day results. Please contact your account executive to discuss the details of your campaign to get a better estimate.


18. Why was DigiPRO Media Group’s advertising and marketing department formed?


DigiPRO Media Group has a combined experience of more than 16 years and has been around for seven years, creating emotionally relevant brand experiences in retail and other environments using the latest technologies and interfaces. In fact, we are already well-known for our ability to concept, design, install and support complex digital installations, which includes a 24/7 customer support call center. But two things have made us realize that it is time to take our core competencies to a broader audience. 1) More and more CMOs have come to realize the importance of delivering a cohesive brand experience to their customers, shifting the emphasis away from advertising campaigns and into interactive experiences. 2) Innovative interactive technologies have increasingly moved off the browser and into physical spaces as well as into peoples’ hands.


19. How does DigiPRO Media Group stay current on all the technologies available to advertisers and markers to build multi-dimensional experiences?


Our technology team actively participates in forums focused on tracking new technologies, and our technology partners keep us informed of what is coming down the path. We also commission at regular intervals a proprietary study benchmarking current and near future technologies, and we are sponsors and participants in curriculum development at leading colleges where new technologies are the focus.


20. What kind of company should have an experience plan? What if I don’t sell directly to my customers?


DigiPRO Media Group has worked with all kinds of companies including Business-to-Business (B2B) companies that interact with their customers in the field; packaged goods companies that are considering a “pop-up” environment; a hospital network that is repositioning its brand; a media company that is dimensionalizing its brand in new ways. We can apply our model to virtually any kind of company and come up with ideas that have never been considered before (by the client or the consumer).


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