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The Precise and Impartial approach to INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS!


Thanks for including DigiPRO Media Group in your job search. We believe that the projects we put out into the marketplace are only as good as the talent within the company that creates it. Therefore, DigiPRO Media Group commits to fostering a culture that embraces innovation, creativity, collaboration, and a solid dose of entertainment. We have built a unique down-to-earth atmosphere cultivated by enthusiastic, tireless and yet super fun people that are diverse in background and talent.

At DigiPRO Media Group, we take pride in creating a vibrant and dynamic workplace that is fueled by ingenuity and innovation and that is recognized as a top employer. Great ideas can come from everywhere in the organization, and we know the next big idea could be yours. From developing cutting-edge technology and products to collaborating with exceptional employees and serving our communities, DigiPRO Media Group is redefining the true meaning of success.

If this sounds like you, we invite you to introduce yourself. We love talent. If you have it, you’ll love it here. We invite you to apply to become a member of our team today! Check our career postings below:


Administrative Assistant

Adobe Lightroom Specialist

Adobe Flash Specialist

Adobe Photoshop Specialist


Computer Engineer

Computer Scientist

Digital Publishing Engineer

Executive Assistant

Management Assistant

Operations Assistant

Operations Technician

Quality Assurance Team Lead

Software Engineer

Technical Support Assistant

Video and Film Special Effects Assistant

Web and Interactive Engineer

Web Developer

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